Miles Kleffman is the main antagonist of the episode Losin' It.

Losin' It Edit

Miles was introduced in the episode Losin' it as a severely overweight man who called the Mike Tyson Mystery Team hoping they could help him get in shape. Despite being 31 years old, Miles lives with his overprotective mother who keeps Miles obese out of fear that he would leave her to "die alone" if he was in better health. After failing to get Miles a gym membership, Mike decides to personally train him by teaching him to do jumping jacks, up until Miles vomits on Mike's shoes, causing him to abandon the mission. Months later, upon hearing that Miles has lost weight, Mike throws a celebration for his achievement. During the celebration, Mike reveals that he hid videocameras in Miles' house to figure out the secret behind his success in weight-loss. Mike then proceeds to show the audience the footage. The footage reveals that Miles beat his mother to death, dismembered her, and used her remains to create a drink which he consumed, much to everyone's horror.

Miles is voiced by Steve Little.