Night Moves is the ninth episode of the first season of Mike Tyson Mysteries. It originally aired on February 1st, 2015.


Mike must make a difficult choice when Yung Hee's new boyfriend turns out to believe he is a werewolf.


Mike wakes up to discover he is overweight and decides to go on a diet. He ends up taking that day's mystery for a young man named Andrew whose problem is that no girl would go on a second date with him. Mike decides to meet Andrew at Nona's Pies where Mike proceeds to devour a lot of pies listening to Andrew's story, who is now saying that he might be eating his first dates at night as a werewolf.

Yung is pressured by Mike to go on a date with Andrew to investigate and Marquess preps Yung for the date. Later on Andrew turns out to be a werewolf and Yung barely escapes with a scratch and reaches home telling her the story of the werewolf. The gang looks up solutions for werewolf bite and figure out that the only cure is a silver bullet.

The episode ends near the pool, when the only known cure for werewolf - A silver bullet in its heart, is fired by Mike into Andrew's chest, who had realized that he truly loved Yung and had transformed back to a human from wolf.