The End is the first episode of the first season of Mike Tyson Mysteries. It originally aired on October 27th, 2014. The episode introduces the primary cast as they help Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Cormac McCarthy.


The Mystery Team consisting of Mike Tyson, Yung Hee Tyson, Marquess of Queensberry, and Pigeon are relaxing around Tyson's rooftop pool. Yung Hee is interested in applying for colleges, but Mike searches his carrier pigeons for a mystery to solve. A lengthy message from Cormac McCarthy states that he's struggling to find an ending to his latest book. The gang travels in the Mystery Mobile to McCarthy's western ranch.

When the group arrive, they meet with Miguel, one of the McCarthy's employees. Miguel explains that McCarthy is struggling with writer's block and hands the group copies of the book. He warns of a "Chupacabra Moon" as he leaves. Pigeon sees a woman who reminds him of his ex-wife Sandra, and in a drunken fit destroys McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize.

That night, the group hears a shriek from Miguel, who was killed by a Chupacabra. Mike Tyson pursues the creature with Yung Hee following right behind him. The Chupacabra gets the jump on Yung Hee, but Mike comes to the rescue and punches the creature. However, the Chupacabra rears up for another attack, when a horse comes to the rescue and kicks the creature. The horse turns out to be a centaur-McCarthy, and the Chupacabra turns out to be John Updike. When Mike asks about the end of the book, McCarthy tells him that he's already finished his draft. A ghost of Miguel appears and excitedly tells the group that he wrote the book and wanted to see if he could emulate McCarthy's style.

The group hop onto the back of McCarthy, as he rides off into the distance as a song "Ain't Got No Time for Bird Sex" plays them out.